Beyond Science Sessions

Beyond Science Sessions

The ESOC Conference Planning Group would like to introduce you a new session category which was added to the scientific programme this year – “Technology | Multi-Discipline | Beyond Science”.

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1 September 15:15-16:45
Hall A

Learning Objectives: This will be a highly practical session on publishing in stroke journals. The first two talks will cover guidance for the delegate on how to increase their chances of success by optimal preparation of a paper before submission, and to explain how the journal processes work and what can be done to increase the chance of acceptance. This will be followed by a session on how to review a paper, including opportunities available for reviewer training, such as the early career support provided by Stroke journal. It will finish with a talk on the many changes and challenges that are occurring in publishing, and a gaze into the future as to what the format of publishing will look like in 10 years time.

How to Prepare a Paper for Submission?
Bo Norrving (Sweden)

What Happens After Submission?
Hugh Markus (UK)

How to Review a Paper?
Ralph Sacco, USA

The Future of Publishing
Helen Frankish (UK)

Panel Discussion

Session 2:


2 September 15:45-17:15
Hall A

Learning Objectives: This session aims to discuss and debate current topics of importance to stroke in a lively and stimulating forum

‘The computer says ‘‘No’’. This house believes that all hospitals should use automated software on all patients with suspected stroke in order to guide treatment.’
FOR: George Harston (UK)
AGAINST: Philip White (UK)
Audience Q&A

‘Doctor, I have white spots in my brain – what should I do?’This house believes that all patients with white matter lesions of presumed vascular origin should receive antihypertensive treatment.’
FOR: Christopher Chen (Singapore)
AGAINST: Alastair Webb (UK)
Audience Q&A

Session 3:


3 September 08:30-10:00
Hall A

This session will include information for the newest guidelines. Further details will be published soon.